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Equipment & Crew

Achieving the ‘perfect shot’ is like reaching an equilibrium. Everything, the place, the people, and the equipment has to be in sync to capture that one moment of perfection. As your film fixer in India, we make sure that nothing goes out of sync.

Our filming crews come onboard with lots and lots of positive attitude and a burning passion for filming. Key members of our filming crews are proficient in English, Hindi and other regional languages, helping you synergize with local artists and other crew members.

As far as filming equipment is concerned, from Alexa, Canon, Genesis, RED, and Sony camera equipment to lighting solutions from Arri, Chapman Dolly, Jimmy Jibs, and Steadicam, all types of production gear is available with us.

Our equipment partners in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata have the latest and best-maintained production equipment in their inventory. Just ‘give us a cue,’ and we will have your preferred filming, sound, and motion control systems ready on the sets.

Why India Film fixer?

With so many film fixers and line production companies on your shortlist, here are some compelling reasons why you should work with us.

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