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“India Film Fixer is extremely professional and delivers great client service. I had the pleasure of working with Vikas and his team on a two-week shoot in Delhi and Amritsar. From our first preproduction call, I knew I had found the right company to work with in India. Vikas was friendly, confident, answered all my questions, provided options within our budget, and asked the right questions. India Film Fixer helped us identify beautiful locations in Delhi, arranged transportation, and local crew members to work with our team that was coming to India from the US. One of the best things was Vikas’s ability to turn on a dime and deliver on whatever we needed. Their crew members were highly skilled, equally important were their great attitudes and personalities. We truly enjoyed working with them and developed mutual trust and friendship throughout the process. CBH would use them again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs film services in India. They do an excellent job and are excellent to work providing both a great experience on set and great results in cinematography for their clients.”


Carole Burke Hallberg

President & Creative Director, CBH Video Productions &
Creative Services, Chicago, IL
Naresh Aggarwal Biography for Lions Club International

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Vikas and India Film Fixer this past year.

India was our last and most ambitious stop of a several month documentary shoot that took us around the world.

Vikas and his team assisted flawlessly with our extensive needs for crew, equipment, transport, securing shoot locations, and booking featured subjects. Where they really excelled was with the out of the ordinary – our unexpected staff and talent requests, a rainstorm that closed our already remote airport, and seemingly bizarre requests for our comedic shoots (hundred of condoms and a bounce house please!). Through it all, they were also fabulous hosts and seemed to always have a moment to spare for a great tourism suggestion – the perfect café, fabric shop. or spot to visit on a rare afternoon off.

I look forward to future collaborations with them.”


Aliyah Silverstein

Executive Producer, IPC, Los Angeles, CA
This Giant Beast That Is The Global Economy For Amazon Prime Video

“Coming from the US, I didn’t know what to expect as far as production in India, and I couldn’t be more glad to have worked with Vikas and his team. I’ve done two productions in India now, and both times it was a fantastic experience. India Film Fixer has the roster of crew you want, they can take curve balls, and they can make it happen. It would have been impossible without them.”


Chris Loukides

Producer, Emotion Studios, Sausalito, CA
Lost Masterpieces for Adobe.

“Vikas and his team at India Film Fixer were essential in the success of our production. From finding stories and locations, to assembling a very capable crew, and managing multiple client requests, India Film Fixer handled our needs with honesty, professionalism and promptness. Having filmed in over 30 countries, I can confidently say that India Film Fixer is world-class.”


Garrett Batty

Director, Three Coin Productions, Utah
You Inspire Me for Mitsubishi Electric

“Vikas and his team could not have been better to work with. Beyond being amazing at their jobs, they are all uniformly friendly, wonderful people, turning what was an intense two weeks into a life-changing experience.”


Christopher Grosklos

Producer – Articulus Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA
Operation Change for Starkey Hearing Foundation.

“Planning an international, multi-week shoot remotely is not possible without top notch support on the ground – Vikas was exactly the man we needed to make that happen when coming to Northern India from Los Angeles. We opted to go with a largely local crew rather than flying in our own guys and piecing together a part-local, part-international team – the decision, encouraged by Vikas who promised top notch talent was in his rolodex, was pivotal in the success of our shoot. The ability to source and rely on good local crews helped the client save top line budget on travel which we routed back into the post budget our ad needed to shine, and the team Vikas assembled worked tirelessly to create a campaign which exceeded client expectations and has now been seen by hundreds of millions of viewers. We couldn’t have done it without him, and India Film Fixer will be our first call upon returning to India for another shoot.”


Evan Robinson

Producer / Director – ECR Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
Lovely Professional University